• The Dear Women Guide Book Series

    by Ky-Lee Hanson and contributing authors

    Dear Stress, I'm Breaking Up With You.

    We want it all as modern women today, don’t we? And now more than ever, we can have it all: success, a rewarding career, family, relationships, a social life. For most women, stress is at an all-time high as we endeavour to achieve it ‘all’. Our health, happiness, and well-being are at stake with feelings of being overworked, underappreciated, tired and burnt out. So, what is stress? How does it work? And why are we slaves to its damaging effects, which then impact the very elements of life we are trying to achieve? Join a collective of inspiring women from all walks of life who have come together to share their experiences and insights on how you can learn to balance the trifecta of love, life, and happiness.

    Dear Limits, Get Out Of My Way

    How often do you feel restricted; physically, socially, mentally or financially? Are you aware of your limitations? How often is time or lack of experience the cause of anxious procrastination; waiting for the right moment?

    What if the very thing standing in our way, is actually our golden opportunity?” ~ Ky-Lee Hanson

    Relearn and rethink the way you perceive limitations with each chapter from a tribe of successful, driven, strong and soulful women.

    About The Author

    Ky-Lee Hanson + Coauthors

    Ky-Lee Hanson is a business creationist and motivational mentor. Her studies in sociology, human behavior, stress management, nutrition and health sciences has led her to have a deep understanding of people. She thrives on creating collaborative opportunities to help people along their journey of becoming the best versions of themselves. Ky-Lee has an open door policy she learnt from her mom, a listening ear, and an opportunity to link arms and take you down your Golden Brick Road.

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