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UnWomen Support With Emma Watson

6 degrees of women's rights with Ky-Lee Hanson

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Today, we made our donation to UNWomen. Since November, we have been raising awareness about UNWomen End Violence Against Women International Day on November 25th. Today we were able to make a small donation from our book sales; empowering one or a mix of the following:

* Help teach 6 women in developing countries to read and write—the first step to earning a sustainable living and breaking the cycle of poverty.

* Could support crisis and psychosocial counseling for women who have experienced gender-based violence.

* Could make it possible for 10 girls in a developing country to go school.

* Could help train 34 women’s rights activists to engage and involve men and boys as change agents to prevent violence against women and girls.

* Could provide financial and business training for 1-2 women to start a sustainable enterprise or provide 4 women with vocational training to help them secure decent paying jobs.

The 25th of every month has been designated “Orange Day” by the United Nations Secretary-General’s Campaign UNiTE to End Violence Against Women, to raise awareness and take action to end violence against women and girls. EVERY MONTH. We are still in such a place in our global society that this needs to be constantly on our radar. We must continue to stand strong, together.

I do not see it as a coincidence that I watched the movie The Circle starring Emma Watson last night. It was not intentional with knowing I was going to write about UNWomen, yet lined up well. The universe presents us with opportunities and guidance, it is for us to discover it. To be aware of the message. I was guided to watch the film, on what seemed like a whim, but I needed to hear the following message in order to research and lead me to her video - to find out that she is the UNWomen Goodwill Ambassador.

In the movie, she is asked, in an intense Q&A interview, "Needs of the society, or the needs of the individual?" Emma Watson as Mae replies, "They should be the same."
*ah-haaaaaa* moment.

I often ponder this question and have never been able to answer it one-sided. I have always leaned to individual, but that divides us, while social needs [currently] take away our humanity and assigns us a number... The complexity in my mind has been because, the answer is NOT one or the other, it is simpler than that. It is - the same.
We love Emma Watson, and really can't stand the backlash she gets for standing up for women's choice.

Society, we really need to get over all of this and realize at the heart of it all, we all want the same thing. We want safety and prosperity for ourselves and our loved ones, yet unfortunately, we haven't been able to find common ground on exactly what that looks like. We seem to forget that we are all connected, the people you care about, care for others, and those others care for more, and we will always come round full circle. We are all connected. Six degrees of separation is the idea that all living things and everything else in the world are six or fewer steps away from each other so that a chain of "a friend of a friend" statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps. It was originally set out by Frigyes Karinthy in 1929. So, if you were to know that your best friend's daughter (2 degrees of separation) was being abused, bullied, or had been kidnapped - what would you do? Would you act? I would, and I am sure you would too. So what is the difference when it is your cousin's friend of a friend of a friend of a friend's daughter? These are the women on the other side of the world, these are the young girls being kidnapped in the USA and put into sex rings. We have to end it, together, and look out for our 6 degrees.

We have to start with respect for one and other, in every way, that does not harm another. I don't think this is complicated or unachievable. If we can center ourselves and realize greed is a thing of the past, we have enough, we can help each other and in turn, we help ourselves.

We are sad that there is a need to support charities like this, we wish for the problem to be abolished, but we are extremely grateful for having the awareness and the power to help.

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Ky-Lee Hanson is a business creationist, mentor and philanthropist. She helps people to become honest with where they are in life, so they can use their skills and strengthen their opportunities to get moving on their golden brick road. We look at the obstacles in life and work through them, growing stronger as we do. Ky-Lee has a way about her to get the spark ignited. She is a creative mind focused on developing opportunities for others.
Ky-Lee is the owner of Golden Brick Road Publishing House and GBR Agency. You can reach her through the contact form on this website. She offers consultations, writing and business coaching, publishing and marketing, and welcomes you with open arms into her community. She will connect you with many people you need on this journey.

fb: kylee.hanson | ig: kylee.hanson.bosswoman

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