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That Time Of The Year Again.

Editor's Note by Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz

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It's that time of year again. No seriously, can you believe how quickly the year just flew by, and we are now officially beginning December? Neither can we.

GBR has had quite the year so far, filled with tons of growth and a multitude of new opportunities. We have launched and added to our ever-growing catalog some phenomenal new reads, and our tribe / community of authors and readers just continues to grow! Check out our monthly roundup for November 2017 below:

November 18th, 2017 was definitely a date to remember. It was a launch of a book that I personally like to call the "trailblazer" of our co-author books. The co-authors of this book, their friends, family, and fans who have been following GBR's journey all came together for an amazing weekend wide launch at two unique locations - Queen Books and Page One Cafe, both located in Toronto.

I don't know why, but this book resonated with me so much, and I felt like I personally knew the authors, though I have not had the pleasure of meeting them. Just like its authors, this book is raw, real, honest, profound, and of course fiercely unapologetic about what we as women want and desire.

Perhaps it resonated with me because I am a millennial. Reading the heartfelt journeys and stories of each of these authors made me see myself in them, and I am so damn proud of every single woman in this book, and of our generation as a whole. I'd like to think that as a generation, and especially as women from this generation, we are the trailblazers, the changemakers, the heart and soul-centered entrepreneurs, the women who will bring about tremendous change and healing to the world around us - on all levels. We live life on our terms, and we always manage to "carpe" the "diem" out of every single day, and make the most of each opportunity that comes our way.

As a fitting note for this book, and paving the way for awareness, and standing up for women's empowerment, we also had the opportunity to team up and campaign away for the UNWomen's End Violence Against Women Day Internationally. Part of all proceeds from book sales were donated towards this amazing cause.

December, we welcome you, and we are so stoked to have this time to slow down, be creative, spend time with loved ones, and we are even more excited to have the coolest kid on the block be a part of our catalog - Your Parents Are Cool, written by Giulia Ferrari, and illustrated by Sarah Hankinson.

This is one book that you will WANT to have on your must-gift list - be it to your own little ones, or to friends or family who may have children. Giulia's writes this children's story from a place of empowerment for both parents and children. It shows us that while life does evolve, and things do change a bit once you do have children, you do not have to give up the things that make you who you are. You can still be yourself, and find newer ways of being yourself, and who knows, you might even have more fun being YOU, along with your mini-me by your side.

Aside from the literary note, although the last two months of the year invite us to slow down, rest, and spend time with loved ones, it's also a call for us to devote some much needed time and attention to ourselves.

I hope that the month ahead is one filled with kindness towards yourself. I hope that you are truly filled with a sense of calm, and a sense of peace and happiness despite the "busy" that also comes with it. I hope that you pay it forward with an act of kindness - towards your loved ones, towards perfect strangers, and most of all, towards yourself. And when in doubt, or if you are feeling those holiday blues, grab a cuppa (your favorite) hot beverage, and dive right into one of our amazing, empowering, and uplifting books. I promise you, you will have some jolly laughs, some eureka moments, and a whole lotta YES, I CAN. And I know you will.

Stay tuned for more December lovin' on our blog in the next few weeks!

Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz is an international best-selling author, freelance editor, lifestyle photographer, speaker, and a mindset + empowerment coach for women with PCOS.

She loves spreading PCOS awareness by coaching and empowering women and their families lead a healthy and holistic lifestyle. She lives in Mississauga, Ontario with her husband, Alan, and their son, Arnold.

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