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Connecting great companies

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At GBR Agency we are 100% about raising awareness for and encouraging great companies and people. We are the community outreach for Golden Brick Road Publishing House. Collectively we now have over 120 authors and coauthors with a handful of charities we support. We have a lot of good happening in our community with quite a big reach, and big things in the works for the books, however, we want to reach more readers and the public that should be reading more books. This is where you come in.

Our Joint Sponsorship Offer

We are looking to sponsor / develop working relationships with great companies and communities.

We will provide:

  • Our logo to go on your website, email, social media and at your events, as a corporate sponsor
  • We will place your logo on our website with a link through to your website and / or social media
  • Free books! PDF's ahead of release, ebooks and printed books for your review and for giveaways
  • Anytime you tag us in social media, and the content and imagery is relevant to us, we will share
  • We will provide an open door on our blog, for you to guest blog if the content and imagery is relevant to us
  • Actively engage in your fundraising efforts for causes we believe in
  • Provide to you at no booking fee - amazing authors to be public speakers, interviewed guests on your podcast or social channel, guest bloggers, etc for your content development and events
  • Potential presence and involvement with your in person or online events: financially, marketing, donations, speakers and talent, planning, etc

We provide you with a 20% off unique code for our website

When used we pay to your company 10% issued quarterly, with a significant donation made for every 1000 units moved through your code.

If interested please email to us the following:

  • your website
  • your demographic
  • your mission
  • your social outreach roughly in numbers
  • any upcoming events for 2018 / 2019
  • ideas you have to involve us, our authors, and our books
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