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An Intentional New Year Every Single Day

Editor's Note by Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz

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Happy Friday! Here is hoping that each of you had a phenomenal start to the new year thus far!

With each new year, many of us tend to have resolutions, make it or break it promises to ourselves, a new lease on the year that has passed. Yet, somehow in all this excitement and pressure (yes, I said pressure), we end up overwhelming ourselves with implementing the resolutions we have made - gung ho, all at once. As such, we then end up not following through on any of them, and just like that, the year starts passing us by, and we are once again living - mindlessly and without intention whatsoever.

I have, for a long time, disliked the idea and concept of "new year, new me, new resolutions." I believe that we all always have the room to improve, grow, learn, and thrive, and should strive to do those things on a daily basis. To me, the whole "new year, new me, new resolutions" makes me feel as though we are simply erasing out the past year, which shouldn't be the case. The prior year should serve as a beautiful lens to see how far we have truly come, celebrate what we have achieved - no matter how big or small the achievement (because really, YOU are the only one who defines what success or failure means to you), and see what we can further grow and develop in the new year.

Below are 5 simple tips on how to live a mindful and intentional year that will ensure you follow through with your visions for yourself and your life:

1. Start with how you WANT to feel. Pay attention to the energy you feel around you. Always. In every moment, with every person, venture, or even with your own self or any habit that you want to take on / implement, always pay attention to how you WANT to feel. Pay attention to the energy or vibe surrounding someone or a particular client or venture. Let that be your guide. When you focus on how you want to feel, you will start looking at things from a long-term vision and solution based mindset. You will intentionally start interacting with people who inspire and challenge you to grow. You will start living more purposefully, as you want to live a life that not only looks good on the outside but also feels good on the inside. This might also mean letting go of unhealthy behaviors, patterns, relationships, or jobs - but all this is part of living with purpose. Using your energy/feelings as a guide is a powerful way to live an intentional life where you can thrive. It takes you out of the blame and victim mindset and puts you directly in the owner/driver's seat and holds you accountable to living your best life, thus making each year your best year.

2. Challenge yourself with a new intention each month. Note how I used the word "intention" instead of habit. When we approach a habit or routine with intention, we have a higher chance of staying the course, even if we may have some days or weeks where we do end up falling off course. And let's face it, it is a lot less overwhelming to take on 1 new habit or incorporate one new thing each month, versus, be the jack or jill of all trades only to master none at all. It takes 21 days for something to become a habit, 8 weeks for you to feel a difference, and 12 weeks for anyone else to notice the impact a routine/new intention/habit will have on you. So don't beat yourself up that you cannot incorporate that giant list of "new resolutions" all at once when you can choose to have monthly intentions that will become a part of your lifestyle. Think long-term visions baby.

3. BE-ing present in each moment. This falls in line with being attuned to how you WANT to feel. No matter how hectic your days get, simply being present in each moment will add a meditative and mindful component to it. When you practice "BE-ing" even in your "doing," the benefits are a calmer, more focused, and kinder you. You will slowly tend to react less and respond more. When we respond instead of reacting, we are coming from a place of empathy and kindness, versus judgment. This in itself diffuses any stressful situations or interactions and helps us stay on track with our visions.

4. Practice gratitude and kindness. So you ended up missing a day or better yet a week from your workout routine. Or maybe you weren't able to stick to your goal of nourishing yourself with wholesome nutrients or getting into bed at a consistent time every day. Breathe. Relax. Life happens. The earth has not stopped rotating, and the sun still shines, my friend. Be gentle and kind to yourself, and practice gratitude towards yourself and your life when living a year of intent and purpose. It will amplify your ability to live with purpose and intention. Stop the negative self-talk, and don't beat yourself up. A year of intention means that every day is a day to strive for growth and thriving, and opportunity to learn from every situation and interaction.

5. Protect your vision, energy, and time - with fierce intent and purpose. When creating any sort of positive change in your life, often time, there will be doubters, naysayers, (insert any creative names you have for toxicity in your life) that will somehow pop up and try and derail you from your overall vision. Or they may be energy and time drainers - always somehow leaving you feeling more depleted and demotivated or doubtful than inspired and on fire to push on. Guard your vision fiercely. The way this happens is by guarding your time and energy. Again, it means living with intention. This is the ultimate test of asking yourself, "Is what I am doing, or whoever I am choosing to interact with in my life helping me elevate my life?" "How do I WANT to feel when I do (insert activity) or when I interact with (insert person), etc?" The most you strive and choose to live a year of intention rather than resolution, you will be more mindful of your choices, more intentional with your time, energy, visions, and the company that you surround yourself with.

I hope that these tips help guide you and carry you into your year ahead with a burning fire to make whatever it is that you envision for yourself, happen FOR you. You can do it. And if ever in doubt, reach out to some of the amazing authors in our ​books, they will definitely ignite that spark of inspiration, ferocity, and long-term vision in you and help you in your journey to living a life of intention!

Much love, light, and blessings,

Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz

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Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz is an international best-selling author, editor & manager at Golden Brick Road Publishing House, lifestyle photographer, speaker, and a mindset + empowerment coach for women with PCOS. She loves spreading PCOS awareness by coaching and empowering women and their families lead a healthy and holistic lifestyle. She lives in Mississauga, Ontario with her husband, Alan, and their son, Arnold.

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