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Dream Clarity with Jennifer Jayde

Guest Post Fridays w/ Jennifer Jayde

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From July 21-23 we have a special offer for you! We are offering The Dream Clarity Program from Jennifer Jayde, a $197 online course for FREE to anyone that purchased/purchases our best selling book - Dear Limits, Get Out of My Way for a limited time.

The Dream Clarity Program was created by our co-author Jennifer Jayde, and is for anyone feeling unclear as to what their purpose, passion, or next steps might be for them. If you resonate with this, be sure to grab this FREE gift while it's temporarily still available. The program is regular $197!

Simply send a screen shot of your past purchase confirmation (or new purchase from today) to and we'll email you access so you can get started right away!

Who do you know that is feeling less than inspired in their life right now? Show them some love by sharing this rare and amazing FREE GIFT with them! You just might brighten their day, their week, their life... <3
Click here for a peek as to what it's all about ->

Grab your copy of this best selling book and then email us proof of purchase to receive your free online course!

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Jennifer Jayde is an international best-selling author, speaker, and creator of the 9-5 Escape Plan online program, for aspiring and rising female entrepreneurs desiring to turn their purpose and passion into their dream business, and create the worldwide impact they know in their heart they were meant for.

She resides part-time in San Diego, California, and part-time on Vancouver Island in Canada - but feels at home wherever there's sunshine and salty air...

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