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Let's "Faith" It Till We Make It

How To Trust The Timing Of Your Life

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Fake is defined as: a thing that is not genuine, a sham.

Here is the question, can you think of any positive outcomes when it comes to faking it? Friendships, conversations, orgasms, your true identity etc. I cannot for the life of me fathom anywhere in my life where faking it got me very far, except for maybe that ONE time I faked sleeping when the toddler woke up in the middle of the night, and in turn forced my husband to wake up and care for the little one…that might’ve been an acceptably good fake, what can I say?! I'm 30, and a girl needs her beauty sleep, sometimes!

But of course, we are looking more at the concept of Fake it until you make it - not simply a faked orgasm, and really, life is too short for faked orgasms anyway, so let’s just not fake those, okay? And hey, just saying, I hear women in our thirties are in our prime, so yeah - no faking those O's!

Aside from the faked O's, the faked friendships - the real problem with faking it is your body knows when you fake it or lie. Your temperature rises, your blood pressure spikes, your heartbeat rises, and your skin gets flushed. Physically, your body tries to reject the lie and it shows. Have you ever tried to do affirmations that didn’t quite fit you? It feels fake, dirty, and so awkward! I remember being in a network marketing company, where they were quite passionate about their representatives going for that company car. Put it on your vision board, make sure it’s the company approved color, look at that image daily, while you are at it, go test drive said car and take a picture of you in it! Now really stare at THAT picture!

I stared very intently at the picture for a long while, faking to will it into fruition…feeling gross every minute of the ritual, because honestly, I hated the car! I didn’t want the car, unless they somehow installed car seats to the roof of the car. The car was ridiculous to me. And I rejected it on all levels, except when I was faking it to make it. Posting pictures of it, keeping it on my goal board, actively trying to match others enthusiasm about THE car. Selling it to others, all the while still unsuccessfully trying to sell it to myself. Bleh, who needs that level of fake in their life?

Faking it is lame, your body knows it, your mind knows it, and other people around you suspect it. So just don’t. Though most often people use the term when it is turned towards their success. Big presentation? Fake it ’til you make it. Totally out of your comfort zone? Just fake it. I don’t know about you, but faking my success sounds absolutely awful!

But what if there was a better way? Not faking it, anymore? Not hiding, not pretending?

What about Faith-ing it until we make it?

Faith is defined as: complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

Ahh, now that? That feels so much better. Having faith in the unknown, feeling confident that everything is happening the way it should, having faith your pitch will seal the deal with the right person. Faith that you CAN overcome whatever is thrown your way. Faith that you can muster the strength to get through that awkward moment you are dreading. It's time to stop faking it till you make it, and time to start faith-ing it. What are some areas in your life where could you start faith-ing rather than faking it today?

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Christa is the woman who wrote her bio, like a bad dating profile, she likes long walks on the beach (there really are no beaches in Nevada…) candlelit dinners (if only she could find the candles and matches at the same time? And really who has time for that? Just feed her already). She likes to travel… to the beach, and loves listening to music, any music, loudly and has no problem becoming a one-woman band while driving - drums, air guitar, back up singer. She is the full package.

Christa found her passion for life, love, and herself, as she navigated through her own personal struggles in her thirties. Tired of faking it, rather than “faith-ing” it, she developed a sense of humor and her own authentic voice with the hopes to empower women to love themselves, right where they are in their own life journeys. Christa is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and is the founder of Body Positive Personal Training - a brand which she hopes will inspire women to love themselves right now, instead of when they lose a certain amount of weight, or fit into that one outfit.

Christa believes that every woman has her own unique power - a voice, that is a gift to be recognized and shared. She knows life is going to give us lemons, from time to time. And she will be the first one to give you a hug, encourage you to keep going… with an added dash of salt and a shot of tequila.

Connect with Christa at the below platforms:

Instagram: bodypositivepersonaltraining

Facebook: bodypositivepersonaltraining

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