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Do Books Make That Much of an Impact?

from Ky-Lee Hanson

· ky-lee hanson

A recent Instagram post of ours was quite popular. People were excited to hear a practical tip that they could apply to their everyday. What might that be? Well, apparently the average person reads only 1 book per year. While, the average millionaire reads 50! Yes a big 5-0!

It seems like a lot of reading, where does one find the time... well let's take a look at that analytically.

An average readers can read 65,000 words in about 5.5 hours. Now, most people are not going to sit and read for that many hours straight - plus, if it is a self development book, business book, academic book, skill based book, workbook or biography, you need more time to absorb the message. It should not be read in one sitting. Most people spend double this amount of time per week watching television...

What we are offering:

We decided to fill a tote bag of our books to help readers get a move on with learning. Each book here can be read in 5 hours or less. Let's say you challenge yourself to wake up 30 minutes early so you can start your day with reading instead of jumping on social media or emails far too soon. If you also end your day with reading, you have done 1 hour per day x 5 days per week. You will have completed 1 book. With 52 weeks in a year, you can read at least 50 no problem - even skipping many days!

How can reading make anyone money though?

Well, reading fiction books might not do it - it may but may not. Maybe if you want to write your own books, tv, are an actor or do something with story telling, or if the stories are based around an industry you are connected to, you can for sure learn a lot from fiction. I am a big Nashville tv show fan - fiction yet based loosely on what could be real. I love the female empowerment and social issues it lightly touches on yet has so much impact on the viewer (even if they do not realize it right away). It is not abrasive. As well, it is about the music industry which is closely related to the publishing industry (my industry). I actually learn a lot from this show that benefits my life, my business and it gives me extra confidence as a women in business.

However, the books in our bag are not fiction. They are non fiction, true stories and real life tips. Yet, they all tell a story - which is what makes them so unique and relatable. Some of them tell stories of many, providing perspective on a topic. These books are not sugar coated; they are real yet still optimistic. They are an experience, filled with laughs, tears and "woah" and "ah-ha" moments. All of these books are designed to make you feel less alone, more empowered and to have a greater understanding of others and a deeper understanding of yourself. What do you really want in life and what is standing in your way? Addiction, illness, stress or lack of self esteem or lack of time or lack of skill? We have all been there. Let our collective triumph be your inspiration and turn pain into beauty.

Knowledge is collective, knowledge is shared. It is up for you to decide how to interpret it - that is actually how knowledge develops! We need to share it and analyze it for ourselves then we can structurally and collectively add to the theories presented to us. We are always discovering new things in nature, medicine, space and from history, and if we keep open minded, we keep discovering new things about ourselves too. The more we read and communicate with others, the more we learn about people. We learn about the human condition. We become better at conveying our own message, we have more to think and speak about and tend to have a bigger outlook on life. The more we learn, the better we do - I believe. Curiosity may have "killed the cat" but it is saving humanity.

How to get started:

from our site purchase the wholesale tote bag at a crazy reduced price of $24.95.

Then request to join this Facebook group for the book clubs of each book!

We will get you into a reading habit and show you the benefits of reading. We will track and discuss changes in your life in just a short amount of time to show the true power! We will get though this bag of books in record speed, together and WITH the authors! How cool is that?!

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