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2017 Author Awards Winners

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We started this year off with a little healthy competition to reflect on and celebrate 2017. Many great women came into our lives and we helped them to tell their story through the written word. We've cried, let go, learned, and grown together. We empower each other.

About a dozen authors signed up to take part in our 2017 Author Awards. We are now reaching 200 authors and coauthors on our roaster but this was opened to the ones published in 2017. We are so grateful for everyone on our mission towards a better, more loving, and accepting future.

Our winners will enjoy a night out with the publishing team! Congratulations and thank you for your support!

Enjoy these authors books at 25% off and affordable shipping with code: 2017AWARDS

Here are our top 5 winners!

#1 Sabrina Greer
Coauthor: Dear Limits, Get Out Of My Way

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