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    Locking arms and helping each other down their Golden Brick Road.

    Here at Golden Brick Road, we focus on nurturing and empowering natural born leaders. Empowered leaders then go on to inspire an entire community. Ky-Lee calls this, The Inspiration Trickle Effect.


    We lock arms with ambitious people and create success through a collaborative, supportive, and accountable environment. We are a traditional / hybrid, independent, female owned and operated Canadian publishing house focused on women's leadership and empowerment. We cater to all stages of business around a book.


    In our books we also encourage gender and cultural equality while embracing diversity. Our authors have a safe space to heal through the written word: the communication with the self, and grow and diversify their career within the genres / industries of health and wellness, sociology, women's studies, business, and personal development.


    We lead writing programs with our amazing writing coaches and a well rounded publishing team, leading us to publish coauthor books as well as single author works.

    We also own GBR Society: Goals, Brilliance, and Reinvention which is an author and entrepreneur (including those aspiring to be) training and nurturing social media platform (launching 2018).


    At the core of all things GBR is "choice." We created these vehicles to promote choice for people all over the world. We focus on women's leadership and empowerment because we know that a future with equal involvement of women to men in business and society, paves a golden path for both genders to flourish in a new trusting and loving way.


    Come grow with us!


    Support our mission, authors and charitable events, while nurturing yourself and future by shopping our books.

  • For The Fashionista Mama

    I'm 30, Now What?!

    a best selling book to help women lead a life of choice.

  • Team

    Ky-Lee Hanson

    Owner. Operator. Visionary. Author.

    Ky-Lee Hanson is a best selling author, and a multi six-figure business owner. She created GBR Publications Agency to help women in business be heard by sharing and distributing their written word. She first teaches people how to make a voice for themselves, and then represents their books to help that message reach the world. She is a community driven leader with an audacious outlook towards bettering the world.

    ig: kylee.hanson.bosswoman | fb: kylee.hanson

    Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz

    Editor. BA English Language and Literature. Author.

    Tania graduated from the University of Waterloo, ON with a B.A in English Language and Literature. She is very passionate about writing; the way it has the power to influence, educate and also provide solace to a person through different writing styles. She helps our clients or authors further harness and tap into the writer in them by writing from the soul. She looks forward to making their writing journey a fun filled process with growth and success.

    Sabrina Greer

    Project Manager. Motherhood Specialist.

    Starting her writing career as a coauthor and mommy blogger, she created her multi-faceted position here at GBR because she "loves what we stand for, sees we are going places and wants a piece of that!" As a mother to 3 boys, Sabrina understands the importance of woman's rights, feminine connections and saw a spot for her expertise on our panel. Sabrina contributed to '"Dear Limits" with a piece on balance, appropriate considering her ability to wear so many hats. Look out for Sabrina's own lead coauthor book coming 2018.

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